1999 (Simple Time)


December 31, 1999 (online release)

January 10, 2014 (Official iTunes release)

Summer 2014 (re-recording)
Ska pop, reggae, pop rock
Amanda Middlestone, Hailee Stone

 1999 (Simple Time) is the first unsigned recording by Rapsta Chik (known as Chiksta in the 90's). It features vocals from Chiksta's friend Hailee Stone, who no longer sings, and now writes successful novels, and wrote the screenplay for "Night Visions".


(verse 1: Chiksta (sung))


Such a good time

we had good laughs and some good times

Good movies came out

Sad deaths occured

And popstars exploded into the world

(Chorus: Hailee)

Woaaaaaah Woaaaaaaah

1999 oh

Woaaaaaaah Woaaaaaaah

1999 it was a simple time

Now it's a memory

Now a new century

Play this song on a loop

Woaaaaaaaah Woaaaaaaah

1999 oh

(Verse 2: Chiksta (sung))

Star Wars episode 1

To-to-toy story 2

The movies that live on

Britney Spears 'came a thing

TLC 'came a thing 

1999 is history

(Chorus: Hailee and Chiksta)

(verse 3: Chiksta (rapped))

Chiksta gonna be big

She be raising the roof

I promise you that the new century is my one

I be rapping all nigh

Sin-sin-singing all day

And my songs will be on radio's

(Chorus: Chiksta)

Music VideoEdit

Chiksta and Hailee worked on a video during January 2000. The video was never completed. When the song was re-discovered, Rapsta finished the video and released it February 1, 2014, making it the longest time to complete a music video (14 years since filming began). The video featured Chiksta and Hailee at a skate park singing, during the rapped third verse it shows the skate park 14 years later, all run down and cracked, the video then switches to a stage where Chiksta (now known as Rapsta Chik) is playing the electric guitar and singing the chorus, the video ends with Rapsta smashing the guitar and saying "it's a tough ride, but you'll make it in the end.".

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