4 O'Clock is a song by Jane Mik, it features a rap verse from Rapsta Chik but Rapsta's vocals are in a sort of Alvin & The Chipmunks voice (Rapsta called it Amanda & The Chikmunks in an interview)


Verse 1: Jane

I'm in the club

No distractions

No one can disturb me while im dancing

Just leave me alone baby (Rapsta: more like ex-baby)

You used to be my love

Yeah you were

But you can't get to me anymore

Just leave me alone baby


So just leave me alone

Im in the club

Dancing the club of it's feet

We go from 4 O'clock in the afternoon

To 4 in the morning

Rapsta's verse (in high pitched voice)

Yeah you used to use me for your apartment bills

You would make me pay

Y-you would make me miserable

You would attack me when I refused to pay

And you beat me half to death when I ended it

(in normal pitch but British accent) So leave me alone you abusing git just leave me alone

Chorus x2

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