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A is the debut album of singer Amara. Smokin' This Hun is the lead single, the single version features Joshua Riverra. The album was released December 6, 2013. The album was a success in most countries and the album is a departure from her debut EP "One of You".

Track ListingEdit

1. A (feat. Rapsta Chik)

2.Smokin' This Hun

3.4ty2 (feat. Sarah Muntz)

4.Eiffel Tower (feat. Helena Fasesha)

5.The Boy (feat. Jane Mik)


7.Kizz My Lipz

8.Don't Go

9.Hot Spot

10.Amara's Rap (Motherfucker)

11.Impossible (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

12.Without Me (feat. Juicy J and Lady Gaga)

Deluxe edition

13.Panda Bear

14.I Wish (Cher Lloyd & T.I. cover) (feat. Kanye West)

16.Pig (feat. Punk Town)

17.Naughty (remix) (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Singles from AEdit

Smokin' This Hun

Kizz My Lipz


Without Me


The Boy

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