January 11, 2014
Electro, pop-rock, rap
Amara van Helsan, Amanda Middlestone

 A is the fifth single from Amara's debut album of the same name. Released January 2014.


(verse 1: Chik)

Rap-sta, here tonight

Gonna rock ya socks off, it's gonna be tight

It's possible, there will be a fight

But I dont care because im singing high

This is gonna blow up

Gonna get everybody saying "what he fuck"

(Chorus: Amara)

Don't you dare mess with A

Dont you ever fuck with A

Never tell me shut up cause

Im gonna go loud

Don't you ever fuck with A

Never tell me i'm trash

Cause you aint a choc cake either

Imma eat you up like mash

(verse 2: Amara)

Don't say that im bad

Or teeth will fly and maybe someone will die

When you say i cant sing

Imma tell you that you aint fly

(chorus: Rapsta)

(repeat verse 1: Amara)

(chorus x2 ; Amara and Rapsta)

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