Abe Simpson
Abraham (Grandpa) Simpson
Gender Male
Job Diaper Seller
Age 84
Hair None (Formerly Brown)

Father: Bart Simpson (2)

Mother: Amanda Simpson

Brothers: Bill Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Chet Simpson, Tyrone Simpson and Hubert Simpson

Wives: Mona Simpson and Amber Simpson (both deceased)

Ex-wife: Selma Bouvier

Grandpa/Half Great Grandpa: Homer Simpson and Herbert Powell Daughter: Abbie

Uncles: Boris Simpson and Zeke Hickman

Aunts: Twitta Simpson, Bonita Simpson, and Elrita Muntz

Dead Girlfriend: Beatrice Simmons

Great-Grandfather: Abraham Simpson I

Great Grandmother: Gabby Crouse

Abraham Simpson III is the son of Bart Simpson and Amanda Simpson, born in 2014. He is named after his grandfather Abraham Simpson I/II who was also his own grandfather like the character Philip J. Fry in [i]Futurama[/i], hence his double numbers.

Despite only being 2 years old, Abe is known for fighting in World War Two as one of the Flying Hellfish Soldiers. He currently lives in the Springfield Retirement Home after selling his diapers