Abe Simpson
Abraham (Grandpa) Simpson
Gender Male
Job Diaper Seller
Age 2
Hair None (Formerly Brown)

Father: Bart Simpson

Mother: Amanda Lucille Simpson

Brothers: Bill Simpson, Cyrus Simpson, Chet Simpson, Tyrone Simpson and Hubert Simpson

'Wives:' Mona Simpson and Amber Simpson (both deceased)

Ex-wife: Selma Bouvier

Grandpa/Half Great Grandpa: Homer Simpson and Herbert Powell Daughter: Abbie

Uncle: Bart Simpson

Aunts: Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and Sarah Muntz

Dead Girlfriend: Beatrice Simmons

Great-Grandfather: Abraham Simpson I

Great Grandmother: Gabby Crouse

Abraham Simpson II is the son of Bart Simpson and Amanda Lucille Simpson, born in 2014. He is named after his grandfather Abraham Simpson I, who was married to Mona Simpson though he has also married Selma Bouvier and Amber Simpson (after being convinced to do so). Despite only being 2 years old, Abe is known for fighting in World War Two as one of the Flying Hellfish Soldiers. He currently lives in the Springfield Retirement Home after selling his diapers so Bart and Rapastafarian Chick could usurp 742 Evergreen Terrace from Homer and Marge Simpson, his grandparents. He looks very old even though he was only born in 2014.

Quotes Edit


*Moan* Nobody ever loves me...

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