The adams family is one of the famous families in the world. Steven adams founded adamsburgh named after his dead father robert adams.


The first known adams is robert that he was selling newspapers in florida. After he sold a lot of newspapers robert had already retired and marries darla j williams and have two children of there own named steven and karmen. One late night, in the year of 1813, robert dies in a heart attack and the funeral is in wellington church in florida. After the funeral, steven must build a town for his memories of his father so as the town is going be built he named a town in florida called adamsburgh named after his father. After the town was done being built everyone was happy to live there own homes and apartments. in 2000 years later the adams family is still there and there's a man who is famous in adamsburgh and lived in a rich house and his name was roger adams, roger marries helga jensen and had four children of there own named roger jr, charles, albert, and julia.

Apearrance and mentionedEdit

Let's go to adamsburgh &  Homer goes to mount, rushmoore.

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