Alive Tonight
August 16, 2014
EDM, electro house
Isla Chan, Anton Zaslavski, Helena Fasesha
Max Martin, Zedd

Alive Tonight is a single by Asian-American singer Isla Chan, featuring Russian-German producer Zedd. It is the second single taken from her EP "Heart". Zedd also produced a song on the EP called "Listen Up", however on "Listen Up" he is not credited as featured artist. The second single was originally "Moonlight" featuring Frankie Knuckles, but Chan called it "another single for another time".


(instrumetal intro)

\(verse 1)

Woke up feeling like (shh)

Knowing what I did last night

Bottles everywhere

I'm so ashamed


But I'm just gonna do it all again

It's bad the next morning but I feel alive tonight


I feel alive tonight

Do you feel alive tonight

I know oh oh oh oh oh oh

That tomorrow's gonna suck, but we got tonight

I feel alive tonight

But I'm not looking forward for tomorrow

I know oh oh oh oh oh oh

That I just need to focus on tonight

(instrumental drop)

(verse 2)

Don't let me out of sight

It's gonna be a crazy night

Never let me run off

Because Imma go crazy

I know what happens tomorrow

But forget about it, live for tonight

I know oh oh oh oh oh

I should live for tonight


(beat drop)

(instrumental outro)

Music VideoEdit

Isla confirmed she is shooting a crazy music video for the song, and that it will be released on the day of the song's release, August 16, however the video was delayed and not released until August 22.


The music video begins with Chan in her room, as soon as the music starts the walls fall to reveal a dance party. Chan is seen dancing and bringing a man home with her. The second verse begins with Chan waking up with the guy in her bed and a hangover. The walls fall again to reveal a kitchen as Chan makes a coffee, and her family comes home. Her overprotective parents find her hungover and try to force her to go to bed and they find the man. The man leaves and Chan's parents continue to argue with her. Chan walkes out the house and the house crumbles down to reveal another dance party. Chan runs back and meet up with Zedd, and the video fades out.

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