Amara Preston
Amara in March 2016
Gender Female
Age 25
Occupation American singer/rapper
Relatives Husband: Adam Preston (DJ TRAKZ)
Father: Rex van Hersan
Mother: Agatha Landis
Brother: Chip van Hersan
Adoptive daughter: Rose Preston

Amara Preston (nee van Hersan) (professionally known as Amara) (born 19 May 1991, age 25) is an American singer/rapper, she released her debut EP in 2012 and her debut album in December 2013. Amara is signed to Livin' Life Records, but her debut EP was self released. In March 2014 it was revealed she has been dating DJ TRAKZ of Faces since December 2013, on Amara's 23rd birthday the couple got engaged and on July 30, 2014 the couple were married. In May 2015, they adopted a daughter.


Main article: Amara discography


Livin' Life Tour (with Helena Fasesha and Rapsta Chik) (2014)

Princess Tour (2015)



Life Of A Popstar as herself (guest star) (2013)

Heart2Heart as Samantha (2014)

The Eyes as Janice Johnson (2014)

The Eyes: Darkness as Janice Johnson (2015)

The Eyes: Confrontation as Janice Johnson (2016)

Pendulum as Jane Arkensaw (2016)

Target Acquired as Rebecca Hunt (2017)


Seven Cases of Crimes Against Humanity as Sally Hardwick (2016)

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