Amy is a mixtape by Rapsta Chik, it is dedicated to Rapsta's sister Amy Middlestone who died due to a heart attack on Janurary 2nd 2013, the track Amy features a sample of what was going to be Amy's debut single but failed due to her death, Amy is not credited on the track's iTunes release but she is credited on the mixtape, the mixtape is set for release 14 of Janurary 2013 in the U.S.A and Valentines Day 2013 in the UK and other countries

1. Amy (ft. Amy Middlestone)

2. Sister

3. Blah Blah Blah

4. Uh Huh

5. Last Words

6. I Got The Call

7. Oh No

8. iON (feat Lady Gaga)

9. Why You?

10. Why So Tough (ft Azealia Banks)

11. Attack To The Heart

12. Slow

13. Still With Me In My Heart Mind And Soul

14. I Miss You

15. Awkward

16. Good Times (ft Mom & Dad)

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