Anika Charles (formerly Fasesha) (born March 6, 2014) is the daughter of British singer Helena Fasesha and British actor Dan Charles. A sample of her crying was featured on a track named after her from her mother Helena's second album "FASESHA", the track credits her as a featured artist. After her parents divorced her mother got full custody of her, while her father has visitation rights and brings his illegitimate son Bradley. When Helena got custody of her, Helena changed her name to Anika Fasesha, but later changed it back to Anika Charles so she can still have a connection to Dan. When asked in July 2016, Helena confirmed her father Dan had not seen Anika in months and Anika has not seen her half-brother Bradley in a year. In October 2016, her half-sister Cecelia (also known as Lia) was born.


Mother: Helena Fasesha

Father: Dan Charles

Maternal half-sister: Lia Greyhound

Paternal half-brother: Bradley Charles

Grandmother (deceased): Cecelia Fasesha

Grandfather: Ricky Fasesha

Maternal Aunt: Ava Green

Paternal Aunt: Kallie Charles

Maternal uncle: Jason Charles "J.C." Fasesha

Uncle-in-Law: Aaron Green

Cousins: Malika Green (by Ava), Mark Fasesha (by J.C.)


Featured Singles

"Anika" (2014) (Helena Fasesha feat. Anika Charles)

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