Animals is a 2014 action film written and directed by Justin Douglas. He wrote it as a teenager. Douglas was formerly a rapper known as JayDee, known for his song "The Party Song" featuring Amara. According to Douglas, before the movie was announced, they had nearly completed it, and caused surprise when he announced the movie will be released on September 17, 2014. Rachel Layton and Rudimental have recorded the official sountrack single. On July 13, 2014 the official trailer was released, the song featured in the trailer is "Animals" by Martin Garrix, which is also featured in the soundtrack.


A college student named Theo is a normal college jock, he has a girlfriend named Briana, plays college football and attends every party thrown on campus. But one night when he is walking back to the fraternity, he encounters a mysterious woman named Kim who drugs him and brings him into a dark alley. Theo is introduced to Myra, Ricky, Lawson, and Eve. The group calls themselves "Animals" and are a crimefighting group, with Kim the leader and animal superhero names. Theo joins in the group, but it also puts a strain on all his college life and his relationship with his girlfriend. But when he and the team has to stop scientist Jackson Nash, he begins to fear for his life.


Justin "JayDee" Douglas as Theo "The Leopard" McKellen

Helena Fasesha as Kim "The Lion" Braze

Isla Chan as Myra "The Snake" Krelly

Nathan Kress as Ricky "The Tiger" Jeriko

Jacob Artist as Lawson "The Wolf" Braze

Liz Gillies as Eve "The Cat" Larson

Rihanna as Briana


After the movie was revealed, all the details were revealed, even the tracklist for the soundtrack. The soundtrack features songs from Rapsta Chik, Martin Garrix, and Douglas himself (credited as JayDee). The official soundtrack single will be released on July 15, 2014. The single is "Hero" by Rachel Layton and Rudimental, her previous singles "Battles" and "POWR". On July 28, 2014, Rapsta Chik released Can't Stop Me on her SoundCloud account, the song will be officially be released on August 7, 2014. Rachel Layton did most of the soundtrack, with 4 of her songs being used in the soundtrack.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Rachel Layton featuring Rudimental - Hero
  2. Martin Garrix - Animals (Radio Edit)
  3. Helena Fasesha - Jumping
  4. LaQuaria Ghetti - Boss Ass Bitch
  5. JayDee - On Fire
  6. Helena Fasesha featuring LaQuaria Ghetti, Jessie J, Isla Chan - 100%
  7. Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Radio Edit)
  8. LaQuaria Ghetti featuring DJ TRAKZ - On Da Dancefloor
  9. Rachel Layton & Cashmere Cat - Dreamer
  10. Rachel Layton featuring JayDee - Battles
  11. Rachel Layton featuring Iggy Azalea and Austin Greyhound - POWR
  12. Rapsta Chik - Can't Stop Me

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