Ass On Ya is a promotional single by Rapsta Chik from her seventh studio album SEVEN. The song was originally meant to be released as the lead single from the album in October 2014. However it's single release was cancelled and released as a free download on September 23, 2014. Rapsta revealed the reason why she cancelled the song on Twitter, saying "I planned a crazy music video for the song that was sexy and probably the raunchiest video I ever did, but I couldn't film it because I was pregnant." she continued saying "I also didn't want to say to my third child "this is the song I released when I was pregnant with you". And Delia and Ryan would have flipped the fuck out if they saw the video!". The song's cancellation left fans upset, so Rapsta released the song as a free download and hinted what the official lead single would be. The song's bridge contains a vocal sample of the lines "he love this fat ass" and "fuck those skinny bitches, fuck those skinny bitches in the club" from Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda". The song was cut from the album in December 2014.



I drop it down low

I bounce it up and down

I bend over, b-bend over

P-p-put my ass on ya

(verse 1)

I walk in the club in them tight leopard leggings

I'm ready to dance, ready to drop it

I see you over there, looking ready to go

I come over and whisper

"Sexy, wanna dance"

You look at me like "yeah"

I freak with you then bring you back to my car

I drop it on ya like a brick on cement

Tonight we gonna rock this car till the alarm

St-starts ringing

(chorus x2)

(verse 2)

Walk down the street, boys whistle at me

Slip-slipping my number in the pockets of hotties

I-I give them fakes cause I don't just fuck anyone

I give my real number to any guy that is special

I ain't just about sex

No other bitches got it going like me

They-they can try but its gonna fail

No one like me I am the only one

I drop it on ya

(chorus x2)

(bridge: Nicki Minaj vocal sample)

He love this fat ass (ass ass a-a-ass)

Thi-this fat ass (this fat ass, ass ass ass ass)

F-fu-fuck those skinny bitches fuck those skinny bitches in the club

In the club club, fuck those skinny bitches (bitches, bitch bitches)


(short instrumental break)


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