Austin Greyhound
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Brown
Age 22
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Relatives Mother: Sofia Greyhound
Father: David Greyhound
Aunt: Jennifer Greyhound-Wilde
Cousins: Alexa Wilde, Jesse Wilde
Daughter: Lia Greyhound

Austin Greyhound (born June 19, 1994) is a Springfield-based American singer-songwriter and actor formerly signed to Low Price Records, he is now signed to Livin' Life Records. His debut album was released in September 2014. Austin has a cousin, Alexa Wilde, who is also a singer.


Greyhound dated singer/rapper and labelmate Felicia Brooks from mid-2014 until early 2015, but when Low Price disbanded, they ended their relationship but say that they will support each other no matter the future. Greyhound also dated singer Helena Fasesha from June 2015 to February 2016, a relationship that started while Fasesha was separated from her husband and fighting for custody of her daughter Anika. Greyhound and Fasesha almost became engaged, but they mutually ended the relationship due to Fasesha not wanting to get married again so soon after her divorce. Greyhound has stated he still loves Fasesha and her daughter, but understands why they didn't marry and they are on good terms as they still work together. He wrote his song "Miles & Inches" about Felicia, who he claims was his first love. Austin reconciled with Fasesha in July 2016 and their daughter Cecelia Greyhound (shortened as Lia) was born on October 4, 2016.

Discography Edit

Main article: Austin Greyhound discography




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