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BTDT (Been There, Done That) is the third single from Helena Fasesha's upcoming album Treasure Chest, BTDT will feature Felicia and the official remix features Young Prince. September 15, 2013 is the release date.


Chorus: Helena Fasesha

I've been there

I've done that

Don't expect me to do it again

I know it

I know you want me to do this

But I've been there done that

Verse 1: Felicia

I've been there, I've done that

I don't give a fuck if these nigga's bow

Or put a middle finger up and say "bye-bye" (Helena: Bitch!)

They could suck my cock if I even had one (Helena: Uh Huh)

I lose it, I win it

I'm on it, believe it

You're the last on my list when I think of fucking beginners

They don't know the things I've been through (ooh)

And the things I've done to explain my point of view (view)

They could get me with killer view

Or crying in the car of Uncle Lou

What do you think i've done to be famous

Do you think it's something contagious

Then you have a lot to learn lemme say I've been there i've done that

Chorus: (Felicia)

Verse 2: Helena

Fasesha, in the ring

10, 9, 8, 7, KO

Knock you out with H Power

My boxing glove is my heart an soul

You need me, i don't need you

I'm a fucking singing stripping bitch, fuck off

Fuck off you want me, you can't have me

Run off crying to your mommy because Fasesha H

Is here to stay

So deal with it nigga

Chorus: Helena

Music VideoEdit

Fasesha confirmed a video for both the original version (featuring Felicia) and the remix (featuring Young Prince), both video's premiered on VEVO together on September 15, 2013.

Original Version VideoEdit

The official video stars off with Fasesha in a supermarked and she all of a sudden stops time and sings the chorus, Felicia is seen in a dairy isle pouring milk on herself and smearing mayonnaise on her face while Fasesha watches disgusted before she covers herself in cheese paste, during the chorus Fasesha finds a boxing match ticket in a Cadbury wrapper. The next scene happens in the boxing ring as Helena has once again stopped time and is beating the frozen boxers and ends the video as she ounces the camera

Remix VideoEdit

The video still takes place in a supermarket and a boxing ring, but Young Prince raps the first verse and is seen pouring Coca-Cola on the frozen people and buying a basketfull of his "Young Prince, Low Price" CD's while Fasesha works at the checkout.

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