August 3, 2014
Bartholomew Simpson, Felicia Brooks
Bart Simpson, DJ Mustard

 Bad is a single by Bart Simpson. The song is the second single from his fifth album B.A.R.T.. The song was announced on July 6, 2014. The single will be released in August 2014 and features American rapper Felicia. It is unknown when the song will be heard for the first time. This is the first collaboration by Simpson and Felicia. On July 14, 2014, the release date was announced. On July 19, 2014 the song's official audio was released to Bart's VEVO account, along with a new release date so the song is released earlier. On July 31, 2014 an official remix featuring Young Prince, Rapsta Chik, and Amara was released. Due to the surprise release of Bart's second album, the song's release was rushed.


(chorus x2: Bart)

Yeah, i'm so bad

I'm pulling the trigger

p-pulling the trigger

p-pulling the trigger

I'm so bad

Up in here, im a winner

I-I'm a winner

Yeah I'm a winner

(verse 1)


Listen up bitches

I'm bad as fuck

Got my loaded up guns

In my pick up truck

If anyone gonna try fuck with me

I'mma take em out

Tell up "hands up motherfucker"

Weekends, I party all night

Sleep all day

But when it come to the day

Watch out yo

Let the world know who the baddest of them all

Mirror on the wall who's the baddest of them all

And to go with me, I need someone

A bad bitch who just bad enough for me


(verse 2: Felicia)

Yo, Is it you wanna get to know me?

Well, there's something that you need to know

I'm really not the type of girl

That will quickly fall in love

It's necessary not to fuck up

If you want to be with me

Or treat me like a piece of shit

Cheat on me with another whore

Don't expect me to be sweet if you fuck with me

I will be a bad bitch when I need to be

Bitches gonna envy when they see you with me

Cause they know how fucking bad your chick can be

Show you I can be, your unlucky misery

Fuck up all your dreams, don't give a damn about it

Cause everyone knows what a bitch can do

It's risky to be with me, don't think it will be easy

(chorus: Bart)

(outro: Bart and Felicia)

It's B.A.R.T.

With Felicia Brooks

Low Price Fam

So fucking bad

Music VideoEdit

A music video for the song was released in July 31, 2014. Rapsta Chik is confirmed to guest star in the video along with Felicia and Bart. Pictures of the set were leaked, including Rapsta Chik and her stunt double (needed for some scenes due to Chik's pregnancy), one featuring Felicia holding a gun, with Corde Broadus (son of rapper Snoop Dogg) behind her also with a gun. Another scene shows Rapsta Chik firing a gun at a car. An official trailer was released on July 30, 2014, Showing all four of the stars in the video holding guns, the trailer ends with all four shooting at an unknown target. The video will continue with Rapsta Chik's soon to be released music video for "Can't Stop Me".


The video begins with Simpson driving down a city with Chik in the passenger seat of the car. During the first verse Simpson and Chik point their guns out the window and shoot at a rival couple. During the chorus Chik jumps out the car and calls Felicia. Felicia and Corde walk down the street and are shown robbing banks and stealing cars. Some scenes show Bart and Felicia rapping on a stage with the single cover as the backdrop. After the song finishes Bart and Corde get shot and killed. Felicia and Rapsta see the shooting. Felicia runs away and goes into hiding, while Chik runs to her car and takes a gun out the glovebox. The video fades to black and the words "to be continued" appear.

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