Bad Chick
Pop, hip hop, dance
Isla Chan, Samantha Drake, Amara van Hersan
Young Prince

Bad Chick is a song by Isla Chan. featuring vocals by LaQuaria Ghetti and Amara. It is not an official single, but a music video was released for the song. Despite not being an official single, it is her second highest charting song. The trio's performance of the song on Good Morning America went viral due to the elaborate choreography.



I'mma be a bad chick tonight

Imma be a bad chick tonight

(verse 1: Isla Chan)

Looking at me, makeup all over me

Seeing me acting like an angel

Tonight things are gonna change here

Imma turn things around, im not the girl you know


People say that, im too perfect

Others say, I need to change

But tonight, things are gonna be different

Tonight, imma be a bad girl


Imma be a (bad chick)

Yeah im such a (bad chick)

Oh yeah im a (bad chick)

Imma be your (bad chick)

Your (bad chick)

Imma be a bad chick tonight

Imma be a bad chick tonight

(verse 2: Amara)

Looking at me, in my dress tonight

Shaking it round, like its a basket ball

Thinking imma be a good chick tonight

But imma be the bad one, the roles reversed (yeah, yeah)

(pre chorus: Isla)

(chorus: Isla)

(verse 3: LaQuaria)

Uh huh, because im a bad C-H-I-C-K

I can see through you like a fucking x-ray

I can see through your brain

I can read your mind

You think im a good chick

Well, imma surprise you

Im badder than MJ, guess whos bad

Niggas be like "she an angel"

But watch out

I can snap you up faster than a crocodile

Look up "Bad chick" in the dictionary

It shows my pic

I'm a bad chick bitch!

(chorus: Isla)

(verse 4: Amara)

Good girls need to misbehave

Tonight I aint gonna behave

I know I've got you hypnotised

But be careful, you never know when Ill strike

(strike strike strike strike strike strike, strike strike strike)

(chorus: Isla)

Music VideoEdit

The video is a sequel to her LaQuaria collaboration "Let It Go", which is a sequel to LaQuaria's Amara collaboration "Love Me".


In "Love Me" LaQuaria and Amara seemingly kill a man that is in a relationship with both of them, and in "Let It Go" Isla bails LaQuaria and Amara out of jail. In this video, the three find out the man is still alive. And during Chan's verse they work on a plan to kill the man once and for all, Chan's involment may mean that the man was having an affair with her too. During Amara's verse, Amara and Chan are at a masked ball, and is hanging onto the chandelier spying on the bruised and battered man. During LaQuaria's verse she is sent masked as a spy to poison him, and she accidentally unmasks herself and the man recognises her and runs. Isla and Amara notice hes running, and the three chase him with a car. During Amara's second solo verse  Isla jumps onto the trunk of the car, and takes a knife and slashes his back tires. Just as the car is falling off the bridge Isla manages to jump back into LaQuaria's car, and the car falls into the ocean. The video ends with all three women's mugshots.

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