Bartholomew JoJo Simpson
Bart Simpson
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Blonde (yellow)
Age 11
Occupation Student at Springfield High School
Relatives Father: Homer Simpson

Mother: Marge Simpson
Sisters: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson
Grandfathers: Abraham Simpson and Clancy Bouvier
Grandmothers: Mona Simpson and Jacqueline Bouvier
Aunts: Patty Bouvier, Selma Bouvier and Abbie Simpson
Uncle: Herbert Powell
Sons: Ryan Simpson, Abraham Simpson III Daughter: Delia Simpson
Wife: Kassandra Simpson Ex: Amanda Simpson (Rapsta Chik)

Since his best friend Milhouse Van Houten became a rapper, he also became a rapper and work with 5-0Cent and Cho Chang in G-Unit. He got beef with Bart Johansen in Shelbyville.

When he Graduated Elementary School Edit

When Bart graduated school he was 11 year old, and he did a big prank on Principal Skinner it was funny... More Coming Soon!

Starting High SchoolEdit

He began doing stand up in Capital City comedy clubs

tarted Young Life Records and got married to Amanda Simpson, formerly known as rapper Rapsta Chik who later renamed herself Rapsta the Shitsta. Bart has two have twins Ryan and Delia together and nearly two years later had Abraham III. Bart and Rapsta briefly separated but renewed their vows, although Bart continues to sleep with his much sexier girlfriend Kassandra Simpson on the side, and Amanda just puts up with it though over the years there has been some public feud between the two women over who Bart loves more. Eventually, Bart divorced Rapsta in early 2018 and has since been in a common-law "marriage" with Kasey, but calls her his wife anyway. Bart disowned his father for the second time due to escalating abuse, but still allows Marge, Lisa, and Maggie to visit. He began the hip hop group cItYb0yZ with fellow rapper JayDee and producer LewisLoud.

Relatives Edit

  • Father: Homer Simpson
  • Mother: Marge Simpson
  • Sister: Lisa Simpson
  • Sister in Law: Amy Middlestone (deceased)
  • Father in Law: Micheal Middlestone
  • Paternal Aunt: Abbie

Friends Edit


Memorable QuotesEdit

Small Fish, Big Pond Edit

"I think that, to be honest, there are worse ways to go. But I can't think of a more humiliating one than autoerotic asphyxiation."

"He slept on my couch and he didn't pay rent. My dog has fleas that are less parasitic."

"Jada Pinkett Smith is boycotting the Oscars. Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting the Oscars - I'm not invited. Apparently, I lower the tone."

"I hate living near a nightclub - especially after closing time. Last week, I caught a couple having sex against my front door. I don't even know how they got in."

Married. Edit

"My wife and sister have won three Grammys between them and my brother-in-law is a WWE champion. I, meanwhile..."

"I also have a much hotter sexier skankier girlfriend named Kasey who won 5 Grammys so far. She has an awesome voice, and is also a good buttfuckslut. Daaaaaamn bitch! She also got a nice tramp stamp on her ass with my name on it. I divorced Rapsta the Shitsa's shit-stained ass for Kasey's stretch marked ass."

"Is there ever a non-asshole time to play the "Do you know who I am" excuse?"


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