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Battles is a single by Rachel Layton, featuring rapper JayDee. This is Layton's first single since 2012. She leaked it along with the announcement that Faces will be on hiatus while she and TRAKZ pursue solo careers and that new music from Faces will be released at the end of the year. Along with being with Faces, Layton also got a solo contract with Livin Life Records along with TRAKZ. Layton describes the song as a sequel to her 2012 debut single "Samurai". A solo version of the song will also be featured on Layton's debut album Fire. On May 27, 2014 the official remix featuring LaQuaria Ghetti was released on iTunes.


(intro: JayDee)

And everyone know I'mma be clear as clear as can be

I dont wanna be the one making enemies

But i'm constantly battling in my brain

And i'm gonna set fire to the rain

And i know im on a battlefield known as the membrane

Voices in my head got a mind of their own

Talking in my ear like a fucking telephone

I better calm down and let the battle die down

But my friends saying never sleep, push your demons down

Battlin' these voices, they cant do shit

I better keep my eyes open so long

If i close my eyes the battle will be won

Not by me but my demons

R. Lay go

(verse 1: Layton)

I hear the voices talking

I hear them loud and clear

Whenever I go to sleep

My demons scream in my ear

I don't wanna start causing fights

I dont wanna cause some trouble

But my devils saying go on

And im gonna burst my bubbles


I'm fighting my battles

My battles

Woah oh

My battles

My battles

Woah oh

Music VideoEdit

A teaser for the Battles music video was released on April 28, 2014. The teaser showed Layton holding a sword and shield as she steps onto a battlefield. Layton has confirmed that due to JayDee adding new touches to his debut screenplay "Animals" he will not appear in the music video. It premiered on May 1, 2014. However, JayDee does infact appear in the video due to filming his scenes at the last minute, after the video premiered he tweeted "Goodbye music video top 10, hello big screen!"


It begins with Layton on a battlefield at night, armed with weapons while JayDee raps his verse in a small room. Layton charges at a battalion of enemies when she begins singing. During the fight, scenes of Layton agressively singing are intertwined. The battle continues and Layton is seemingly injured at one point. But Layton stands up and continues the fight. Layton comes out slightly injured, but she still makes it out on top. And she celebrates winning the battle.

Studio VersionEdit

A second video for Battles shows Layton performing a solo stripped down acoustic version of the track in a recording studio with her backup singers.

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