March 19, 2014
Hardcore hip hop
Isla Chan
Swizz Beats

 Bizzare is a promotional single by Isla Chan from her debut album It's Isla. It speaks about waking up in a bizzare world, but at the end it turns out to be a crazy dream.


(verse 1)

How how how how did i end up here

Must have had too much down at the club last night

Pink skies, blue grass, what the fuck is happenin

Looks like something from a Dr Seuss film

I dont think this is even real life

If it is then all i gotta say is "Da fuck?"

I-i-i-i-i called up my friend but my phones disconnected

Seriously what kinda nigga put that stuff in my drink?!



Ah ah ahhhhhh

Ah ah

The world world is so bizzare-a

World world is so bizzare-a

What what the fuck is happenin

World is bizzare

Someone better be fuckin wimme


What the fuck?!

Oh... it was all a dream

What the hell did i drink

Does the club sell weed now?

Cause that what it feels like

I'm still seeing dragons though

Fucking crazy!

I mean what the fuck!

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