Black Soul
BlackSoul poster
Directed By Young Prince
Produced By Young Prince
Written By Young Prince
Starring Young Prince
Helena Fasesha
Michael Mik
Sarah Muntz
Johnny Dub
Felicia Brooks
Rapsta Chik
Music By Young Prince
Danny Elfman
Editing By
Distributed By
Running Time
Country United States
Language English
Black Soul is an upcoming musical drama film, directed by Young Prince and starring Prince and Helena Fasesha. It will serve as the cinematographic debut for both actors. It is scheduled to be released on October 12, 2013, with its soundtrack being released on October 10.


Back in 1932, Nicola, a young black girl (Helena Fasesha) auditions for a Broadway production but is not accepted for being black. She is then noticed by Frank, a black music producer (Young Prince) who gives her an opportunity. Two years later, she goes into a severe coma due to drug abuse and alcoholic problems due to her abrupt fame, which harms her career.



Black Soul: Music from Young Prince's Film
October 10, 2013
July–October 2013

Black Soul: Music from Young Prince's Film is the accompanying soundtrack to the 2013 film of the same name directed by Young Prince. Produced by Prince, the soundtrack will drop on October 10, 2013, with its lead single, "Undefined Lines", released on August 31. The second single, "Heartache Heartbreak" will be released on November 13. Danny Elfman and Young Prince also collaborated on the film's score.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Walking a Road to Nowhere" - Score by Danny Elfman
  2. "Dirty Laundry" (Kelly Rowland cover) - Helena Fasesha
  3. "Gettin' Dumb" - featuring and 2NE1
  4. "Being Black (dialogue) / Black Soul" - Helena Fasesha / Score by Young Prince
  5. "Wild (Lights Edition)" - Jessie J
  6. "Breaking the Wall" - Young Prince featuring Felicia
  7. "Karma" (Alicia Keys cover) - Sarah Muntz
  8. "Say It" - Helena Fasesha
  9. "Heartache Heartbreak" - Helena Fasesha and Rapsta Chik
  10. "In the Morning" - Score by Danny Elfman and Young Prince
  11. "Wrecking Ball" (Miley Cyrus cover) - Helena Fasesha
  12. "Undefined Lines" - Helena Fasesha
  13. "Breaking the Wall (DH Orchestral Version)" - Helena Fasesha (Deluxe edition bonus track)

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