• Fallin'
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  • Fallin'

    Applications for 2013 Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards were held for two months and a half. Now, it's time to announce the nominees to the different categories selected by the Wiki users. I've got to thank everyone who voted and who waited to learn who the nominees were. It was a really difficult work to choose from all the different great articles that had been posted to the Wiki throught the year, but I finally got to a conclusion of who the nominees should be. Without further ado, this are the nominees of all the categories of 2013.

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  • Fallin'

    Hey guys. Fallin' here. As you may or not know, this year will be the third ceremony of the Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards. But this year there's a big twist, you can apply for it. You'll have to comment with a completed application I'll leave below and me and a group of judges will analize your article(s). If their are good enough, then it'll have the chance to win an award. To apply you have to complete this form:

    • Article nominated:
    • Name + Username:
    • Type of award:
    • Why do you think this article deserves winning the award?:

    Every year, the articles compete in different categories. This year, the categories will also be divided in sections so it's easier to find the categories you really want to vote for.

    • Series of the Year
    • Writer of the Year
    • Best New …

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  • Anniemoose98


    October 9, 2009 by Anniemoose98

    Hi! I am anniemoose98. I am the new bureaucrat and am a grammer freak.

    --Anniemoose98, Wanna say Hi? 22:44, October 9, 2009 (UTC)

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