Blue Skies RMX

Blue Skies RMX

Go For It (feat. Sarah Simpson)
1 July, 2013
Joshua Riverra, Alicia Keys, Young Prince, Rapsta Chik, Bart Simpson

Blue Skies RMX is a promotional single by Joshua Riverra ft Alicia Keys, Young Prince, Rapsta Chik and Bart Simpson, everybody involved in the single had their own verse.

Rapsta's ArgumentEdit

Rapsta Chik had declined the offer to feature when she found out her husband Bart (who she is divorcing) is going to be featured on the track, Joshua told reporters "i have never seen Rapsta so upset before, she has even considered leaving Young Life Records and going to Low Price Records" but a week later Rapsta said she and Bart are still divorcing but they are on good terms, and she will not leave Young Life and she will do the track.


Chorus: Alicia

Lets go to the beach

Lets get our towels

and lie in the sun

Lets get our glasses 

and stare at the skies

the skies

the blue skies..... REMIX!

(10 second electronic beat break)

Verse 1: Joshua

I'm at the beach

looking at those beautiful skies

the skies are blue

and i'm thinking of you, bitch

Chorus: Alicia

Verse 2: Prince

Yo, here i am with my lady friends

Drving to the beach in Mercedes Benz

Girl you hotter that the sun

cuz you my hun

and now we look at the skies

Chorus: Alicia

Verse 3: Rapsta

Huh i get high no need no coke

All i need is a hot tub so i can soak

You make me wetter than the ocean

come on lick me and roll in the sand

Chorus: Alicia

Outro x2: Bart

Beach party never stops

Beach party be bitchin

honey lets do sun bathing

while we stare at the blue skies

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