November 2, 2014
Dance, tribal house
3:32 (Felicia version)

3:25 (Big Sean version)
Amara Preston, Felicia Brooks, Sean Anderson

Bounce is a single by Amara. Released as the lead single from her third studio album. Bounce will be a dance song with influences of electro and tribal house, produced by Amara's husband DJ TRAKZ. The song is split into two versions, one featuring Big Sean and one featuring Felicia. The song was heard for the first time when the Felicia version premiered on early morning radio due to the fact that Felicia's verse is more explicit than Big Sean's. The Big Sean version premiered later. Both versions received positive reviews, but due to popular demand of her fans, Amara decided to only release the Felicia version as a single, and the Big Sean version will accompany as a B-side, but only the Felicia version is the main version. Amara said in a Twitter countdown to the song release that she originally wrote the song for Under the Radar, and before deciding to keep the song, considered giving it to Helena Fasesha. On the same day as the song release, Amara will release a song from the album on her SoundCloud account to celebrate the new album era beginning.

Lyrics (Main Version)Edit

(Chorus x2: Amara)

Come on ladies

If you got it, gotta bounce it

In the club

You want a man you gotta bounce it

(Verse 1 x2)

I know they want it

When I put it to the floor

I see them staring

When I drop it down like that


If you feeling naughty gotta drop it

If you feeling sexy gotta bounce it

Come on ladies, I know you feel it

So come on drop it like it's hot

(Chorus x4)

(Repeat verse 1)

(Pre-chorus 2)

All the woman in here

Let your asses take control

Don't stop it just drop it

Never stop it, s-stop it

Let your asses take control

(Chorus x4)

(Verse 2: Felicia)

Yo, booty booty all over you

Shake It so hard

Like a motherfucking earthquake

Ya like it when my butt goes boing

On you, I can keep this going all night

Amara and Felicia, up in here

No stopping us

We keep the party going all night

No stopping it

So ladies...

Keep on dropping it

(Chorus x4)

Music VideoEdit

The songs music video will be released in October, only one for the Felicia version will be shot. On October 6, 2014, Amara tweeted a picture of her and Felicia in revealing outfits with the caption "First day of Bounce video shoot with @Felicia! So excited". The full video premiered October 16, 2014. The video also announced the album's name "Flashing Lights".


The video begins with "Flashing Lights, coming early 2015" appearing on the screen. The song begins and Amara sings the first verse while chains keep her arms tied up as she shakes her hips. Amara performs a dance on a bed during the chorus. During the second verse, Amara sits on a car hood with "Flashing Lights" spray painted on the side while women dance all around her. Felicia joins in on her verse, getting out of the back seat of the car after lying down in there. The song ends with all the women twerking.

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