Broken Homer Is Broken is the 3rd episode of Season 24. It centers around Homer and Bart not spending that much time together, so Homer volunteers as Krusty's new Sideshow when Sideshow Mel goes on vacation. However, instead of becoming Barts new hero, who ruins Krusty's show but injuring Krusty on accident and having to take over the show, however, he isn't funny all.


Homer is on "" writing a blog about how much he hates Ned Flanders, when he sees a pop-up for a quiz that determines how well he knows his son. He takes it, then prints out the answers he put to compare them to Bart's. Homer finds he knows almost nothing about Bart. Believing he's a terrible Father, he decides to go to Moeth's, a new bar across the street from Moe's. On the way over, he sees a pink billboard that say Krusty needs a new Sideshow while Mels on vacation. Homer remembers that Barts hero is Krusty, and goes to Krustylu Studios right away (running over a dog, a kid's bike, and Hans Moleman, who survived somehow) but then changes his mind after deciding that all he wants to do is eat a Krusty burger.

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