Burns is a single by American-Asian singer Isla Chan. It was released as the second single from her surprise album Over, after I Need You featuring Above and Beyond. The song is a hip-hop song where Chan tells the story of her and her college boyfriend.


(verse 1)

First day in Springfield College

I knew no one in here

But you showed up out of nowhere

Offered to show me around

We grew deeper

We got stronger

And now we are

Down to the ground

But even though I moved on

I still think of you


Though you have been gone for a while now

I still feel the burns on me

And even though its all over now

I can still feel the burns on me

The burns you gave to me

Oh oh

The burns, the burns

(verse 2)

Then you found another love

Her name was "beer"

You drank her everyday

I never saw you

You wanted stuff

I never gave

And when I refused

You'd make me pay

You'd apologize when you sobered

But I'm stronger now

(chorus x2)

Music VideoEdit

The music video was released September 23, 2014. The video showed an actress and an actor acting out the story of the music video, with Chan sitting in a chair narrating the story.

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