Can't Stop Me


August 7, 2014
Trap, electroclash, hardcore hip-hop
Rapsta Chik

Can't Stop Me is a single by Rapsta Chik. It is the official second single from the official soundtrack to Animals. The song is a trap and electroclash song produced by British producer Switch. Featuring Chik rapping monotone but aggressively on the song. Rapsta tweeted "It's short, but it will do, #CANTSTOPME!". Some critics said it should have been the lead single of the soundtrack instead of Rachel Layton's "Hero". The spoken interlude is sampled from a line from the movie spoken by Helena Fasesha. The song is apparently a diss track to a rival rapper signed to Young Life Records (Rapsta was previously signed to this label) who (as Rapsta puts it) "Is literally the most vain person ever, she brags all the time when she has nothing to brag about". Rapsta references her husband Bart Simpson, and Lady Gaga songs "Sexxx Dreams" and "Bad Romance". It is described by critics as one of Chik's best songs. On October 3, 2014, an extended version of the song (length 3:25) was released to try and get the song higher chart positions. The extended will be featured on Chik's album SEVEN.

Lyrics Edit

(verse 1)

In the zone

Got too much to lose, yes bitch

Imma do my best shot

Not gonna fret, bitch

Cool as ice

Never melting, yeah that's right bitch

I'm "Sexxx Dreams"

You're fucking "Bad Romance", bitch

I got more

Than you ever gonna have bitch

Spitting these verses

I can't be paused bitch

You can't stop me

So, run along, bitch

Can't stop me

I am new shit

You better move out, you're an old bitch

The world is sick of you on the red carpet

I need a dumper truck for my Grammys, bitch

I-I-I-I-I, got more racks in my bank, bitch

I got more friends than you got bitch

I got more fans than you got bitch

You can't stop me

So run along bitch

Can't stop me

(instrumental break)

(spoken interlude)

It's time for you to leave

No one loves you anymore

No one

(verse 2)

I be gettin' it

I be better than you ever gonna be bitch

I dont give a fuck what you do

No one cares bitch

No one even knows what your name is

I be killin' dem, killin dem,

Not caring, bitch

You say you wanna be succesful

Don't make me laugh bitch

You aint got a bone of talent

In your body bitch

Not even my husband knows you

And you are signed to his label, bitch

Music VideoEdit

The video will be a continuation of the music video for Bart Simpson's "Bad" music video. It was released August 5, 2014.


It continues where the "Bad" video left off, with Rapsta Chik getting a gun out her car. Chik then proceeds to walk down the street, and going on a revenge spree for those who wronged her. After she is done, the police arrive and Chik drives off in her car. A high speed chase follows, until Rapsta drives her car into a gas pump, causing the car to explode, along with the police cars who were following her. The video ends with a mourner at Rapsta's grave, before she removes her sunglasses and winks at the camera, revealing that Rapsta survived the explosion.


DJ TRAKZ released his remix of the song on August 22, 2014. The remix length is 5:21, and it keeps most of the original beat, but adds TRAKZ's trance and EDM styles to the song.

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