Car Journey is a single by Rapsta Chik, due out September 1, 2013. Official remixes of the song feature Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown or Felicia. On November 6, 2013 and extended remix featuring Miley Cyrus and M.I.A. leaked online and was release
Car Journey (explicit)

Lyrics (November 2013 Extended Remix)Edit

Chorus: (Miley Cyrus)

W-w-w-when you need a ride to school

O-or a lift to work

If you want to escape

Then h-h-op in my car (revving engine sound)

Get in, plug in, turn on the radio (x2)

We are going on on on on o-on o-o-on a

C-car journey (x4)

Verse 1 (Chik)

Family SUV, city car

Citroen C4, Toyota Yaris

Hatchback, Sports Car

Peugeot, Lambo

I'm loving you anyway and your car.

Bridge: (Cyrus)

Whether you drive a Lambo or a Land Rover

You can go on top and over

This is the bridge, you're driving on a bridge

Honda, Ford, or o-or Daewoo

Chorus (Cyrus)

Verse 2: M.I.A.: (Rapsta Chik)

Fuck this

Gonna Go faster

imma go so fast the world becomes a blur

like that

want it delivered to you hot

If i was a pizza girl it would be order (click click)

Bridge and Chorus (Miley)

Music VideoEdit

The video features Rapsta in a pink Ferrari 458, when she mentions the make of a car (e.g. Honda, Daewoo) the logo flashes up on the screen, but as she mentions the make an model (e.g. Toyota Yaris, Citroen C4) the actual car flashes on the screen

Track ListingEdit

---Digital Download---

1. Car Journey (single version) - 3:12

2. Car Journey (Album Version) - 5:25

---Remixes EP---

1. Car Journey (single version) - 3:12

2. Car Journey (album version) - 5:25

3. Car Journey (Avicii vs David Guetta Club Mix) - 7:54

4. Car Journey (Benny Benassi Remix 1) (feat. Miley Cyrus) - 6:22

5. Car Journey (Benny Bennasi Remix 2) (feat. Chris Brown) - 4:59

6. Car Journey (#EVENMOREBANGINREMIX) (feat. Felicia) - 3:33

---Extended Remix---

1. Car Journey (November 2013 Extended Remix) (feat. Miley Cyrus and M.I.A.) - 4:28

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