Ceramic Doll album cover

Ceramic Doll is the third album by Rapsta Chik , it will be released March 14 2013 and the lead single Ceramic Doll (feat. Will.I.Am) is available from Janurary 08 2013, there was some problems about track thirteen of the album and the fifth official release as once it was called Piss On Bitches then Revolver and then Rapsta settled on Unicorn featuring Ke$ha (who is also featured on a remix of You Die Now).

Official Releases From The AlbumEdit

1. Ceramic Doll (featuring

2. You Die Now

3. Dancefloor Freak (featuring Madonna)

4. This Just In.... I'm Not A News Reporter

5. Unicorn (featuring Ke$ha)

Other ReleasesEdit

1. Lazers Never Die (Major Lazer featuring Rapsta Chik)

2. You Die Now (extended remix featuring Ke$ha)

3. Natalia

Track ListingEdit

1. Introduction To My Album

2. Ceramic Doll (ft.

3. Fever (ft. Bart Simpson)

4. Jump

5. Number 3

6. Lazers Never Die (ft. Major Lazer)

7. This Just In.... I'm Not A News Reporter

8. Dancefloor Freak (ft. Madonna)

9. Name

10. Y-O-U You Wanna

11. You Die Now

12. Kidz In Luv

13. Unicorn (ft. Ke$ha)

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

14. You Die Now (Extended Remix) (ft. Ke$ha)

15. Piss On Bitches

16. Revolver

17. Natalia

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