Ceramic Doll is a song by Rapsta Chik featuring Will.I.Am and PSY (PSY is only credited due to a sample of Gangnam Style in the song).


Verse 1: Rapsta Chik

Come on now attack my body

L-l-lick me up (you wanna fuck with Rapsta Chik?)

E-e-eat me up backstage of the tour

S-s-smell my Christian Dior

I want you to scrummy yummy it up d-drop the beat and get get me out of here


Rapsta Rapsta (fuck-a fuck-a)

Take me home and I'll drive you like a Lamborghini (ghini ghini)

Test drive you, buy you, drive you

Then in the morning I'm gonna park you

Chorus: both (with PSY singing a sample of Gangnam Style)

PSY: Eeeh sexy lady

Rapsta & I feel like a ceramic doll

PSY: eeeeh sexy lady

Rapsta & but just don't break me

Music Video Edit

Rapsta is seen singing in the back of a gold modified Ford F150 and is seen smashing ceramic dolls in a mansion, PSY appears on a bus doing Gangnam Style in his sample.

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