DJ TRAKZ (credited in "Freak" as DJ Trackz) (real name Adam Preston) is an American disk jockey and producer. He has been produced and remixed many songs. He is more know for being the producer of the electro music duo Faces. And he and  Faces's vocalist Rachel Layton uploaded their newest solo singles to Soundcloud after announcing Faces will be put on hiatus. On May 19, 2014, TRAKZ got engaged to his girlfriend American singer Amara and on July 30, 2014 they were married, in January 2015 the couple announced they were adopting the baby of TRAKZ's sister Autumn Preston. Autumn decided to keep the baby (a boy, Kody Preston) so Amara and TRAKZ adopted a daughter, naming her Rose Preston. TRAKZ is also the color commentator for the show Lip Sync Battle Springfield.


Main article: DJ TRAKZ discography


  • Helena Fasesha - Bang Bang (DJ TRAKZ EDM Remix)
  • Rapsta Chik ft. Jessie J - Escape (House Remix by DJ TRAKZ)
  • Helena Fasesha - More (DJ TRAKZ Remix)

Other ProductionsEdit

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