January 15, 2014
Dance, electro, hip-hop, rap
Livin Life, N.E.E.T.
Amanda Simpson, Mathangi Arulpragasam
Bart Simpson

Do You Love Me (stylized as DOYOLOVEME) is a single by Rapsta Chik featuring M.I.A., it is the lead single from the Heart2Heart soundtrack, the movie features Rapsta and M.I.A. as friends since pre-school, a snippet of the song was used in the official trailer of the movie, another snippet was leaked online which featured four lines of the first verse, Rapsta says she will upload the full audio to Vevo by December 2013, and will release the song Janurary 15, 2014. On January 5, 2013 the music video premiered, and the lyrics previously heard were a demo of the track before it was re-written and re-recorded. The track was performed at Heart2Heart's premiere as a surprise before the movie started. A remix of the song by DJ TRAKZ will be featured on the Soul2Soul soundtrack.



You make me feel sexy

But I just wanna know

Do you love me

Do you love me

Are you here for my body

Or here to tell me

That you love me

Do you love me and


I really need to know right now and 


I need to know now

Do you love me

Hey, hey, heeeey, hey, love meee

Hey, hey, heeeey, hey  love meee

Meee oh, do you love me

Hey, hey, heeeey, hey, love meee

(verse 1)

Honey, do you love the way

I talk, or do you just wanna see me walk

Do you love the way I flip my hair

Are you a player, gentlemen don't stare


Oh yeah, I wanna commit

I wanna relationship how bout you

I wanna see movies

But you just wanna see boobies

If you don't love me then i'm walkin' out bitch


(verse 2: M.I.A.)

Mmm damn, you say commiting's for *beep*ies

I know that you just wanna see my *beep*y

Well honey, I might wanna get married

I want love, I don't want a three-way

(pre-chorus: M.I.A)

(Chorus: Rapsta)

Music VideoEdit

The video features Rapsta at a bar with her unfaithful boyfriend. Rapsta watches as her boyfriend hits on three women at a table (played by Helena Fasesha, M.I.A. and Amara). The woman played by M.I.A. raps as she watches her boyfriend hits on a woman. When M.I.A.'s boyfriend kisses the woman, M.I.A. throws a drink at him. Rapsta corners her boyfriend and Helena, M.I.A. and Amara take off their wigs and the boyfriend runs leaving a message saying "i should have loved her". A picture saying "Heart2heart coming Jan 2014".

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