"Da Noise"

DaNoise cover

January 4, 2014
Digital download
Hip hop, electrorap
Richard BrooksAmanda MiddlestoneFelicia Brooks • Maya Arulpragasam
Young Prince • Switch • Surkin

"Da Noise" is a song by American recording artist Young Prince featuring British-American rapper Rapsta Chik, released as the fifth single of Prince's second studio album, Rapping It Up, on January 4, 2014.

It was released as a free download, as part of the iTunes 12 Days of Gifts app, on January 4, 2014, in selected countries, alongside the song's music video. It was released worldwide, as iTunes' Single of the Week, on January 7, 2014, alongside the song's music video which was uploaded to Prince's VEVO account.

Low Price decided to re-release the song through Young Life on April 12, 2014, hoping it would get better chart positions worldwide.


Chorus (Rapsta Chik):
Bring the noise when we run upon them
We don't really wanna stop until the morning
So bring the noise when we run upon them

Chorus (Both)

Verse 1 (Young Prince):
Bring the noise when we run upon them
We don't give a fuck if the cops try to stop us
We'll keep parting hard, we don't care what you think
We're on top of the world poppin' molly
We'll always gonna stay around
Don't stop partying if the music's loud
Scream and shout if you feel like doin' it

Chorus (Rapsta Chik)

Chorus (Both)

Verse 2 (Rapsta Chik):
Party people, party people, people everywhere
Imma pull a Willow Smith, whip-whippin' my hair
The cops saying that we gotta shut it down
But we just tell the bastards "get rid of that frown!" (bitch!)
The spotlight shinin', sh-shinin' on me
Fuckin' up bitches tryna steal my Gucci
I asked the bartender for a drink
Drinkin' so much that I can't even think
The DJ Girl tryna tell me that she hates boys
I said "Didn't ask for your life story, just want the fuckin' noise!"

Chorus (Both)

Bridge (Young Prince):
Don't stop now, promise me you'll be around
Party hard, we will dance till the sun shines
Round and round we will go when the moonlight
Hits us (hits us)

Chorus (Young Prince)

Chorus (Both)

Music VideoEdit

In mid-2013, Chik confirmed a music video for the song would be filmed. On December 26, 2013, a picture of Prince and Chik dancing in a club was leaked to the web, in which Prince holds a sign that says "Da Noise videoshoot". After the leak of the picture, Prince confirmed the music video would be released in January 2014. The video's first teaser was released on January 1, 2014. On January 2, 2014, Chik posted two pictures and one video on her Instagram showing her on the music video set. The first picture shows Chik's new arm tattoo, which she got for the video, that reads "#BRINGDANOISE!", while the second one shows Chik high fiving a backup dancer, and the 5-second long video features Chik twerking next to a poster that reads "2014!".

The music video was released in selected countries through iTunes on January 4, 2014. Directed by Terry Richardson, with the co-direction of Prince, the video starts with Prince and Chik getting out of a limo to enter a club. Inside the club, Chik is joined by a group of ladies, including Sarah Muntz, and starts singing the song's chorus. While she sings the first chorus, Prince is seen kissing Jane Mik. After it, he joins Chik on singing the second chorus. During his verse, Prince and Bart Simpson head to the bar to have some drinks, but are stopped by the members of delicious. who start flirting with them. During the third chorus, Simpson heads to kiss Chik, who is sitting in a couch, while during the fourth chorus, Chik is seen next to Prince twerking next to the 2014! poster. Chik is then seen sitting on a couch rapping the second verse while showing her #BRINGDANOISE! arm tattoo. The fifth and sixth chorus show Prince and Chik dancing in the club, surrounded by lots of people. During the bridge, Prince walks around singing, noticing everybody has frozen. After the bridge ends, the people start moving again, jumping and dancing to the song's last two chorus.

The video was uploaded to Prince's VEVO account on January 7, 2014, to accompany the song's release worldwide.

Release HistoryEdit

Region Date Format Label
United States December 29, 2013 Live performance – Digital download Young Life
Australia January 4, 2014 Digital download
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Worldwide January 7, 2014
Canada January 10, 2014 Ibiza Edition – Digital download
United States
United States April 12, 2014 Contemporary hit radio

Chart PerformanceEdit

Chart (2013–14) Peak
Australia (ARIA) 71
Canada (Canadian Hot 100) 62
New Zealand (Recorded Music NZ) 38
Poland (Dance Top 50) 24
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) 53
US Billboard Hot 100 16
US Dance/Electronic Songs (Billboard) 6
US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard) 1
US Hot Rap Songs (Billboard) 1

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