Dance With You


July 25, 2014
Pop rock
Evan Connors, Tyler Jay, Clark Jackson, Isla Chan

Dance With You is a single by American-Canadian male trio Trio3, featuring Asian-American singer Isla Chan. Chan and the band member Evan Connors previously dated, leading to the collaboration. The song was finished after they broke up, however, the band still released it. The single was released as the bands's debut single on July 25, 2014. The single received positive reviews and Chan's appearence on the song was praised. The single is the lead single from their debut album due in late 2014. After performing with Felicia at Madison Square Gardens, the band and Felicia recorded a remix of Dance With You, featuring the band performing a new verse to replace Chan's and Felicia opens and closes the song with a rap verse. After the release of the music video, Chan and Connors were confirmed to be back together.


(verse 1: Trio3)

Arrived at the party

Looking around for you

And I found you there

Red cup, drinking up, over there

I walked right up to you

Said "Hey miss"

"Did you come from heaven, cause I swear your an angel"


We laughed and talked all evening

We never broke eye contact

Now I got something to ask you


Please will you, put the cup down and

Dance with me

Cause I really want to, want to, want to

Huh, dance with you

I'm begging you please, begging you please yeah

Dance with me

Cause you're not like the other girls here

I wanna dance with you

(verse 2: Isla)

You're not like the other guys

You're better than them

And I know that we are gonna have so much fun tonight

You asked me to dance with you

And I was like "Who, me?"

And you whispered in my ear

"Come on baby, come on dance with me"

(pre-chorus: Trio3 and Isla)

(chorus: Trio3 and Isla)

Track ListingEdit

Dance With You (feat. Isla Chan) - Single

  1. Dance With You (feat. Isla Chan)
  2. Dance With You (solo)
  3. Dance With You (Lazy Jay Remix) (feat. Isla Chan)

Dance With You (Official Remix) - Single

  1. Dance With You (Remix) (feat. Jane Mik)

Dance With You (Felicia Remix) - Single

  1. Dance With You (feat. Felicia)

Live PerformancesEdit

Trio3 and Isla Chan performed the song at Amara and DJ TRAKZ's wedding.

Music VideoEdit

The music video was released on August 1, 2014. The video features Trio3 playing the song during a high school prom, eventually being joined by Chan on stage. Chan and Connors kiss at the end of the video.

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