Dancefloor Freak is a song by Rapsta Chik featuring Madonna. It is the third single to be released from her third studio album, the fourth song released will be Number 3


Chorus: Madonna

Oh boy I'm a dancefloor freak busting those moves

Dancefloor freak boy gimme more

Take me on that floor

And see me be a Dancefloor freak

Verse: Rapsta Chik

Thanks Madonna I'll take it from here

Yeah dancefloor freak I'm doin what I like

No boy can stop me on the floor

Cuz ur all gonna die on the floor

The floor floor t-the Flo-o-o-r

Chorus: Madonna (x2)

Music Video Edit

The video is simple, Madonna and Rapsta are seen singing at a bar and in. Some scenes Rapsta is in a Lexus

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