August 2, 2014
EDM, House, Dance, Electro, House-pop, Hip-house
Rachel Layton, Adam Preston, Thomas Pentz

Danzfloor is a single by American house duo Faces. It is a joint release with American EDM musician Diplo. The song is the lead single off Faces upcoming second studio album. The song was released online on July 4, 2014, they decided to release the song as "A little 4th of July treat". Since the songs premiere it has been featured in many Vine and YouTube videos, similar to the Harlem Shake. It will be released along with the second single "Spinning Around".


(verse 1)

Dim the lights on the floor

Light up the dancefloor tonight

Get the drinks at the bar

Cmon drink it up, time to dance tonight

(chorus x2)

Baby when you look at me like that

We could kiss on the dancefloor

I love when you look at me like that

Kiss me on the dancefloor

(verse 2)

No one lookin, no one cares

Its just us on the floor tonight, bae

If you wanna go further

Just say the word, just say the word

(chorus x3)



Kiss on the dancefloor (the dancefloor)


Kiss me on the floor (the dancefloor)

Live performancesEdit

Rachel Layton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on July 7, 2014. Later on in the show she performed the song with TRAKZ and Diplo. She appeared in the same attire she wore during the video, and later announced that she is auctioning them, along with TRAKZ's headphones and a rare Vinyl record version of the song.

Music VideoEdit

A music video for the song has been filmed, and will make its world premiere on July 6, 2014. A teaser for the video was released online two hours after the song, the video is titled "#DANZFLOOR - The Faces Comeback". Throughout the morning of July 4, pics of Rachel in the video were released, one picture featured the caption "#FACESXDIPLOVIDEOSHOOT" and another announcing the video release date "New vid with @diplo coming Sunday (July6)!!!". #FACESXDIPLOVIDEOSUNDAY trended on Twitter, and a teaser video showing Layton hanging and chained to the wall while performing a dance. Another video showed TRAKZ, Layton and Diplo watching the video, the video isnt seen, but the song is heard in the background. In the video if you look closely, there is a mirror hanging on the wall, and you can faintly see the video, even though the video of them watching it is 14 seconds long. The video was released at midnight of June 6.


It begins with Layton chained up to the wall singing, when the chorus drops she begins to dance, and eventually breaks free of her chains. She then walks up a catwalk while TRAKZ and Diplo are on each side of her. Layton dances while the other two play the song. Layton splits into two people and the other two Laytons act as backup dancers. The video ends with Layton setting fire to a stereo. And the video zooms out as Layton (with TRAKZ and Diplo) are standing beside her as she holds the burning stereo.

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