August 25, 2014
Pop, alternative rock, power pop
Amara, Rachel Layton, Samantha Drake
Amara, LaQuaria Ghetti

Darkness is a single by Amara featuring Rachel Layton, as the soundtrack single to The Eyes: Darkness. The song was meant for release in late September 2014, but due to a leak it's release was made earlier. The song is a power pop song with influences of alternative rock. It will be performed at the 2014 MTV Springfield Video Music Awards. Reviews were mixed, most positive for being a big power ballad with big voices, but also some negative for not fitting in with the plot of the film. The song will be featured on Amara's third album Flashing Lights. The song won a Springfield Music Award in 2015.


(verse 1: Amara)

I am hiding from the light outside

I done some things, some wrong some right

I wanna know what it feels like

Feels like to be shut out

I am hiding from the light outside

Don't hold me back, let me go


Leave me

Let the darkness close in on me

Leave me be

Let the darkness show me a world I never saw before

Let it close in on me

Let the darkness close in on me

(verse 2)

I never was good at anything

You never showed me how to do it right

Its my fault but partly yours

Im the one who deserves to be left



Don't hold me back, just let me go

Don't hold me back, let me freeze

Don't hold me back

Let the darkness close in on me

(acoustic guitar solo)

(verse 3: Rachel Layton)

I never let you do anything

I was the worst love you ever had

Darkness close in on me (i deserve it)

Expose me to the evils of the world (i deserve it)

I'm gonna carry guilt to my grave

Today I wont be saving no one (not even my self)

I can't be saved, just let me go

Trap me in the dark

I am hiding from the light outside

I done some things, some wrong and some right

I am hiding from the light outside

Don't hold me back, let me go

Let me go, let me go, let me go

Let me go, let me go into the darkness

(chorus: both)

(post chorus: Rachel Layton)

Music VideoEdit

A teaser of the songs music video was revealed during commercial breaks at the 2014 MTV Springfield Video Music Awards. The teaser featured Amara hunched up in a corner crying as shadows started to move towards her, Rachel is seen in a flaming car with a unconscious man in the seat beside her. The screen fades to black and the words "Amara, Darkness, featuring Rachel Layton, coming soon" flashed on the screen. The video of the song was released August 27, 2014. An alternate version of the video showing clips of the movie winded into the video was released on August 29, 2014.


The video opens with a message from Amara saying that she does not tolerate abusive relationships and that she hopes that this video will shine a light away from the subject. The video starts with Amara arguing with her boyfriend (played by Big Sean), who abuses her and needles are found on the groud. Amara has visible bruises on her arms. Rachel is arguing with her boyfriend in her car and gets so frustrated that she drives her car into a wall, Rachel sits there in the burning car shocked and bruised, while her boyfriend is seemingly dead. Amara eventually gets so fed up with her boyfriend that she hits him over the head with an unseen object. Amara bursts into tears and runs out the room. Amara sings as she sits in the corner of her bathroom crying, Amara begins thinking about happy memories of her and her boyfriend, and it is revealed that the reason he is abusive is because he caught Amara cheating on him, even though she regretted it. Amara walks down the street as she sings the second verse. Rachel Layton sings her verse sitting in the car, thinking of memories of her with her boyfriend. She checks her boyfriends pulse and realises he is dead. As the chorus goes on again, Amara throws her self in front of a moving car, and Rachel closes her eyes as the flames begin to spread around the car. Amara is seen falling back in slow motion and a light shines on her as she levitates. Rachel sings the post chorus for the last time, as Amara's soul goes out of her body up into the sky and the flames completely engulf the car.

Live PerformancesEdit

The song was performed for the first time on August 24, 2014 at the 2014 SVMAs. Amara began the performance in a long black dress with a white rose on the backdrop, Rachel joined her later for her verse. Through the performance Amara and Rachel belted it out while seemingly crying to create the heartbreaking effect of the song.

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