The single cover

Deep Love is the fifth single from Rapsta Chik's upcoming album TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns, the lyrics speak of Bart Simpson's re-proposal to Rapsta Chik and Rapsta Chik having trouble deciding if she wants to go back to Bart, Rapsta will reveal the audio to the single on VEVO on July 8th and premiere the first of two videos of the song on the 8th as well, version 2 will be released on the 9th, Rapsta will reveal the single cover soon, same with VaJJ and Airplanes.


Why do you cheat on me honey

Why do you want me to cry

I still love B Simpson

But sometimes I want you to die


I thought you loved me, I thought you loved me

But it turns you want to fuck others

Now you are here, now you are here

Wanting me to marry you again

I'm still deciding, still deciding

But you always loved that bitch across the hall

Come on honey, come on honey

We had a love that was a...


...Deep love, deep love, we had a deep love

And love is forever

We had a deep love, deep love, we had a deep love

But we for never or were we

Music VideoEdit

Rapsta confirmed two videos will be released

Version oneEdit

Rapsta Chik performes at a Paris style cafe singing the first verse, during the bridge Rapsta Chik walks down the street with thought bubbles of Bart and the twins, and during the chorus she melts the face of a Bart Simpson action figure but sticks a paper love heart on to the melted face.

Version twoEdit

The second video features Bart, Rapsta and the twins taking a family drive in Shelbyville, the video starts with the title of the song across the screen then the camera pans in to see Rapsta kissing Bart's cheek, and the camera pans out and in and this time Rapsta is hunched over her passenger side window crying, the words "forever" and "for never" appear on the screen when sung.

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