Delia Simpson
Delia wearing a wig in "Cute Kids Magazine Issue #24"
Gender Female
Status Non-canon
Age 3
Relatives Father: Bart Simpson
Mother: Amanda Simpson
Brothers: Ryan Simpson, Abraham Simpson III
Half-sister: Lisa Ziff (deceased)
Paternal grandfather: Homer Simpson
Paternal grandmother: Marge Simpson
Maternal grandfather: Michael Middlestone
Maternal grandmother: Fay Middlestone
Maternal aunt (adoptive): Amelia "Amy" Middlestone
Paternal aunts: Lisa and Maggie Simpson

Delia Simpson (age 3, born January 29, 2013) (also known as Delia Middlestone) is the daughter of Rapsta Chik and Bart Simpson.

Biography Edit

Delia was born with a surprise twin brother Ryan. Ryan was an unexpected birth and only Delia was thought to be born. Years before her birth, her mother miscarried a baby girl that was six months along. Delia became a big sister when her parents had another child, baby Abraham III.


Mother: Amanda Simpson

Father: Bart Simpson

Brother: Ryan Simpson (twin), Abraham Simpson III

Half-sister: Lisa Ziff (deceased)

Paternal Grandfather: Homer Simpson

Paternal Grandmother: Marge Simpson

Maternal Grandmother: Fay Middlestone

Maternal Grandfather: Micheal Middlestone

Maternal Aunt (adoptive): Amelia "Amy" Middlestone

Paternal Aunts: Maggie Simpson, Lisa Simpson

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