Diamond Heart is the debut album by American electronic duo Faces. It features the single Everything I Loved and TRAKZ's remix of Layton's 2012 debut and only solo single Samurai. It will be released May 7, 2014. The third and final single is No Soy Estupido.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Everything I Loved
  2. No Soy Estupido
  3. Dance (feat. Helena Fasesha)
  4. Life Together
  5. Gimme
  6. Wanna Go (feat. LaQuaria Ghetti)
  7. Lover
  8. Liking It (feat. LaQuaria Ghetti, Rapsta Chik)
  9. Today
  10. Amazing People
  11. Party Anthem (feat. Young Prince, Felicia, Amara)
  12. Sh!t They Say
  13. Samurai
  14. Rose Petal (feat. LaQuaria Ghetti)
  15. Today Part II (Tomorrow)

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