Die Another Day


August 12, 2014
Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzai
Helena Fashesha

Die Another Day is a song by Madonna, recorded as the theme for the 2002 James Bond film of the same name. Helena Fasesha covered the song for Cover Week 2014 and it is included on Cover Week 2.  Fasesha's version is slightly different than the original, not using as much autotune on the chorus, and the song was higher pitched and extended from the original length (four minutes, thirty eight seconds) to five minutes and nine seconds. It is the sixth single from Cover Week 2. The song will be featured on the deluxe edition of Fasesha's second studio album FASESHA.

Live PerformancesEdit

Fasesha performed the song live in Singapore for the Livin' Life Tour on August 10 for the final date of the Asian leg. On August 12, 2014 it was announced Fasesha would open the 2014 MTV Springfield Video Music Awards performing a mashup of Die Another Day and Queen.

Music VideoEdit

Fasesha confirmed a music video has been shot, but she needs to get Madonna's approval to release it before she does. On August 13, 2014, Fasesha confirmed the release of the video would go ahead as planned, and announced "Die Another Day vid in 30 min!", but later announced "DAD video delayed :(, will arrive this evening, I promise!". The video made its official premiere on MTV and was released to VEVO an hour later.


The video is six minutes and fifty two seconds long. The video begins with Fasesha ordering a drink at a bar, she sees the bartender make her drink and pour a vial of poison into it. Fasesha drinks it and coughs. She realises what the bartender did and she stands up, shooting him with a pistol. The songs instrumental begins as three men stand up and reveal their weapons. Fasesha jumps out a window as they chase her. The scene cuts to a scene of Fasesha with straight hair in a black skintight PVC jumpsuit hiding on the top of a building. A man chases her around the roof, and she jumps off. Fasesha makes a perfect landing, but the man crashes down into a busy road, killing him. The other two men pursue her around Springfield. And Fasesha assasinates them one by one. After she kills both of them, another man comes out from the shadows and knocks her out. And she wakes up chained up in the same bar. Fasesha breaks her chains and knocks out her kidnapper. And she figures out a plan. She smashes all the alcohol in the bar and drops a match in it, causing the bar to burst into flames.When the instrumental outro ends the song, Fasesha (still in the bar) watches as the bar burns, engulfing the entire place in flames, and the video zooms out showing Fasesha watching everything burn. As the video zooms out the entire bar collapses with Fasesha inside, possibly killing her.


The video was controversial due to the violence shown. It recieved mixed reviews, some critics enjoyed the action in the video, and others didn't like the violent scenes such as the man falling off the roof, Fasesha shooting the bartender in the chest, and also the scene when Fasesha blows up the bar. An edited version of the video was released taking these scenes out.

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