14 May 2013 (U.K), 15 May 2013 (U.S.A)
Single by
Rapsta Chik feat. Erykah Badu (singleversion) or Sir Mix-A-Lot (album version)
4:47 (Ver. with Badu), 5:04 (Ver. with Mix-A-Lot)
Rapsta Chik, Erykah Badu, Sir Mix-A-Lot
Rapsta Chik, Lazy Jay, Sir Mix-A-Lot (additional production on single version)
R&B, Rap, Hip Hop

Divorz is a single by Rapsta Chik. It is the second single from her next album TGIF: Pt 5. When Rapsta confirmed the  tracklist for TGIF Pt 5 she said that one version of Divorz would feature Sir-Mix-A-Lot and another with Erykah Badu. The version with Mix-a-lot will be featured on the album and the version with Badu will be released as a single with Mix-a-Lot on additional production. The song is about her failed marriage to Bart Simpson.



H-Hit me again, one more time

And i'll be out the door (no byes)

I'm divorcing you, i get the kids

Your not gonna get another shot

Delia hates you, so does Ryan

I know you want me, but i'm not crying

I know you dying, yeah you dying

You miss the sex, and my egg frying.


Not making any mistakes

Just gonna move on and eat my steak

You were physically abusing me

That's why i'm divorcing you, you see.

Music VideosEdit

There are music videos to both versions of the song.

Erykah Badu versionEdit

Version one features Rapsta burning pictures and dancing in a hot tub, and Erykah is in the hot tub with Rapsta.

Sir-Mix-A-Lot versionEdit

Same version but just replaces Badu's scenes with Mix-a-Lot.

Alternative Cover ArtworksEdit


The singles cover with Erykah Badu


The cover artwork for the Sir Mix a Lot version


The cover for the version with Badu and Mix-a-Lot

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