Do Dat Shit


May 31, 2014
Crunk, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Funk
Rapsta Chik, K-Duce, Kandi, Alize
Rapsta Chik, PTAF

 Do Dat Shit is the fourth single from Rapsta Chik's self titled sixth album. It features Female LA rap group PTAF. It will be released on May 31, 2014 alongside Reach For The Stars. PTAF are known for their song "Boss Ass Bitch" that LaQuaria Ghetti famously covered. 


(chorus: Rapsta)

Boy, I could be here all night

With you on the floor all night

I wanna be with you all night

Get on the floor, come on do dat shit!

I, think that we hit it off

Do you wanna take it further

Do you wanna be with me

Take that shirt off, come on do dat shit!

(verse 1: Rapsta)


Look at all the boys here to night

Bustin them moves

On the flashin floor

The probably think Im cute

Well they aint wrong

Bitches back off

Cuz im the best dressed in here

I got my girls in the back with me

Kandi, K-Duce and Alize

If you wanna battle me and my crew

I suggest you back off so no one gets hurt

(chorus: Rapsta)

(verse 2: PTAF)

Fuck you, every bitch in here tonight

We the best bitches here tonight

If they get in our way, we gonna fight

Because I'm the best in this place

All the boys wanna be with me

All the girls wanna be me

Dance hard until the morning

So come on girls, get on the floor (Come on, do dat shit!)

(chorus: Rapsta Chik)

Music VideoEdit

A music video was released May 31, 2014. It showed Rapsta Chik and PTAF dancing in a club, in a LiveStream Rapsta said she borrowed one of her dresses from Beyonce. Scemes also show Rapsta Chik riding down the road on a Vespa, with PTAF behind her.

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