"Well well let check that vagina

You Maybe give youself Breast exam cuz ah ain't doin' dat shit, gonna be lazy n' dazy right aftah ah smoke mah emm-jayyyy (weed)"

―After Molesting Sarah Muntz-Duntz-Puntz-Sluntz [src]
Dr. Jenson Carlos
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Age 7,000 years old
Occupation OB/GYN/NYG/BO-smeller/Prescribed Butt Specialist for Sarah Muntz-Duntz-Puntz-Sluntz
Location Springfield Graziano Fava's Shitaliano Genital Hospital
Relatives Ex-Wife
Dr.Cleveland Carlos (brother)


First Appearance Kirk The Ex-Condom
Voiced By Graziano Maria Fava


he was born in Norway

Lawsuit By SarahEdit

The lawsuit was dismissed after 10 minutes of trial. Jenson Carlos then went back to molesting her in the same manner how Zac the Pedobear and Blue the Incestuous Pedophile takes it up the ass, right in the courthouse while explaining in a sudden ugly British accent, "I'm an ancient special butt-raper from the United Kingdom of the Man-Chest-her, where I mastered the fine, old Mancunian art of butt-rapestry" several times.

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