This is a crossover of the simpsons and dragonball z/kai

Main Characters Edit

Bart als goku kake Edit

The Main Character Of The Series He Defeated Villians Like The Evil Sideshow Bob the sayian that arrived to earth but later he fought the evil final form of Burns then during the android saga then the evil leader of the stonecutters number one asorbed the androids and killed bart then lisa destroyed him out of her rage then at the majin wiggum saga he came back and killed the evil form of wiggum.

Lisa (Gohan/Videl) Edit

She is one of the three that survived the sayians and she is bart's little sister she has a mysterious power inside of her she learns how to go super sayian in the hyper bolic time chamber and destroyed the stonecutter leader number as a super sayian two.

Homer (Hercule/Tien) Edit

He is bart's father and the world martial arts champion he got his arm chopped off by sideshow mel that was sideshow bobs partner and killed by him but he was revived by the burns saga.

Marge (No One?) Edit

not much is known about her.


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