He appears as the son of Dolph Starbeam. As a teenager he bullies kids in high school, but has a secret crush on Zia Van Houten, Lisa Simpson and Millhouse Van Houten's daughter. As an adult, Drake marries Zia and they have a son named Josh Starbeam. Millhouse Jr., Zia's sister, doesn't like Drake and one time tried sabatoging they're date... as a baby. Also, Millhouse Jr. (as a baby) spit up on Drake one time, and Drakewas angry, but walked away. Drake's son has a close relationship with his uncle / god-father, Millhouse Jr., wich kind of bothers Drake due to the fact that Millhouse Junior spit up on Drake as a baby and tried to sabatoge Drake's first date with Zia. His dad is Dolph Starbeam and his mom is Terri. Maybe Sherri. Whats the difference? :P