Dum Dum


December 27, 2013
R&B, Hip Hop, Rap
Rapsta Chik
Baauer, Rapsta Chik

 Dum Dum is the third single from Rapsta Chik 's fifth studio album I Love It (2014). It replaced I Want You Forever as the third single. The song samples the song of the same name originally by Baauer.

Song Meaning and Brief ControversyEdit

The song is about telling a man that he is dumb if he does not love a woman, after the song leaked people tweeted her saying that the meaning is homophobic due to her saying men are "dum dums" if they do not love a woman. But Rapsta cleared it up saying that the song meant that if a man you love doesnt love you back then the man is dumb. The controversy over ther track was very brief.


(verse 1)

Hello motherfuckers

Ya queen has arrived

Yo queen is on the throne

And i leave you mesmarised

Now hun

you follow my orders

get me a latte

extra whipped cream

cause i want it brown, white and sweet

You wont defeat

Meeee (motherfucker)

Do you have any idea what my name is

Do you have any idea how famous i is

Don't you want to

take a sit of tha latte

that's my body

Come on honey

come on hottie

dont be such a dum dum


Dum dum

ya dum dum

dum dum

your'e such a dum dum

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