End Of Time is a song by Nicki Minaj, Eve and Rapsta Chik.

Build UpEdit

The song had a lot of build up before the song was released, first Eve and Minaj engaged in Twitter chat saying "End Of Time is gonna be awesome!. Then a collab was confirmed but then a week later Minaj tweeted "oh yeah its gonna be TRIPLE bitch, Rapsta Chik is gonna join us in End Of Time", Rapsta expressed excitement when she agreed to the song. Then an instrumental was released (Machinedrum Van Vogue was the instrumental), then a singles cover was released then a video.


(woof, real, yeah) x4



when you get cracking

dont go packing

you still got work to do

when we go hard

you you retard


take it now 

go now

but how

do you do it

(singing chorus)

boy (whoa)

you got to get me down

pin me to the floor

i know you are committed already

but i need it now

till the end of....


.... Time

yo got to to get away

from my bf

take away

i want you to take

cause i know when you fake it

but babes come hit me with your drug

till im high 

gimme ur dope

bitch go away when i hit you

this boy is mine (back off)

(sings chorus)

(Minaj and Eve in deep autotuned voice) x2

All the hoes all them haters

all them players, Escaldes

(Rapsta singing) (x4)

yo (heyo)

your girlfriend wont mind

if you lick it just once

the only problem is

i want it till the end of time 

(1 minuite instrumental)


The single cover that was released


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