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Faces are an American electronic music duo created by DJ TRAKZ (real name Adam Preston, born March 17, age 26) on production and Rachel Layton (born April 24, age 24) on vocals. TRAKZ was also the producer for Freak by Amara and Bart Simpson. They are signed to Livin Life Records. When the album was delayed, TRAKZ released a debut solo single to cheer up fans, the single was titled Oh Sh*t featuring Isla Chan. TRAKZ and Layton confirmed that when Diamond Heart is released, Faces will be put on hiatus while Layton and TRAKZ start their solo careers. However it has been confirmed by Layton that Faces is not over and that they are just having a break from working together to pursue solo careers and new music by Faces will be released later on in the year. In July 2014, a new track called "Danzfloor" with Diplo was released online, and the hiatus was confirmed to be over.


Layton released her debut single "Samurai" on June 24, 2012 and TRAKZ remixed it. Since then TRAKZ and Layton have been friends and making songs together. They formed Faces and worked on their debut album.


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