Fantasy is a mixtape by Rapsta Chik, it is set for release in Feburary 2013 but so far two songs from the mixtape have been released, the mixtape was released Christmas Eve 2012

1. Hot Stuff

2. Shining In The Sky

3. Blue Skies Make Me Happy

4. House Party

5. Take You Now

6. Away

7. Fella

8. Stupid School

9. Va Va Voom

10. Bad Boys

11. Fantasy

12. Silly B&%*+!

13. Loving You (Is Easy Cause Your Beautiful)

14. 10

15. High Heels

16. Specialty


18. No Love

19. Unwanted

20. Female + Male

21. Thank You For Buying My Mixtape

22. Never Sleeping (feat P Diddy) (Tïesto Party Remix)

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