Feelin' Alive is the debut album by Bart Simpson, It will feature the rapper's 2011 breakout hit The One and the official lead single will be Feelin' Alive featuring Rapsta Chik. The album was released on November 30, 2013. X-Rated is the second single. The re-release is released December 25, 2013. The re-release features the standard and deluxe edition tracks with 3 new tracks added. The lead single from the re-release is YOLO B*TCH featuring Amara.

Track ListingEdit

1. The One (feat. Amara)

2. Feelin' Alive (feat. Rapsta Chik)

3. B+

4. Fuck Up In Da Club

5. DNT YO DRE TRN OF DA MSIC (feat. Helena Fasesha)

6. C U L8R

7. Daddy (with Justin Timberlake)

8. Rappin' Aphrodite

9. Shakin' It Like Jello

10. X-Rated (feat. LaQuaria Ghetti, Rapsta Chik, K-Dog)

11. MaYbE (feat. Adam Lambert)

12. Feelin' Alive (remix) (feat. Rapsta Chik, T-Pain, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks)

Deluxe Edition tracks

13. Run

14. TGIF (Rapsta Chik cover)

15. Hands Up (Aint Puttin 'Em Down)

Re-release tracks

16. Sexophone

17. Good Times Never End (feat. Helena Fasesha, T.I., Ke$ha)

18. YOLO B*TCH (feat. Amara)

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